The coolest 22lr rifle you can buy in 2013

Do you know how much a H&K MP5 cost? Well, it’s over $2,500! and even the replicas which in a lot of cases are equal in quality are $1,500 -$2,500 or more.

gsg 522

One of the best selling MP5 rifles this year is the GSG 522. It’s a replica of the great H&K MP5 and instead of shooting 9mm it shoots .22LR. This weapon starts at only $325 and comes with either a 10 round or 22 round magazine depending on which state you live in because of the gun magazine laws. For example, in California you can only own a 10 round magazine or lower.

Consider the cost of ammo alone and even if you owned a real MP5 you’d probably want to get a GSG 522. Shooting 9mm ammo is around $.30 per shot vs $.05 per shot of .22LR. If you went out and did some practice with 200 rounds you’d spend $60 on the 9mm ammo vs only $10 on the .22LR ammo.

The GSG 522 is not only an inexpensive rifle but it’s a great shooting rifle too and has lots of cool accessories. You can get the awesome 110 round magazine that holds 110 rounds of 22lr and you can go out hunting and really not worry about reloading all day.

Learn more about the GSG 522 at this sweet site >

The 522 looks awesome with the red dot reflex optic or a standard red dot scope. You can get a sling, front rail, new stocks, hand grips, fore grips and install a rail.

Makarov pistol

Many people are not aware Makarov pistol. thiis is a self-loading pistol ,which was made in the 1950 by a Russian person called Nikolia Federovich Makarov. The main aim was to make a simple and a very reliable medium powered pistol, which was supposed to be used by the soviet forces as the sidearm. The forces for Russia accepted this pistol in the year 1951. The pistol was a standard sidearm from then up to now. The current developments and the advancing of firearms technology modified soon, however, the history of the Makarov pistol is still secured.

rugers sr22
One of the specifications is the double action. This means that after loading the pistol and the harmer has been decocked, the inital triggering action occurs and the triggered bar will coked the harmer until it has been set free by the sear thus striking the pin. After firing of the shot, the empty case starts to move in the backward direction i.e. in the newton reaction style, hence overcoming the side mass and the recoiling spring strength. As opposed to other types of pistols, locking devices are not available in the Makarov pistol.  Much like the Ruger SR22 pistol. Therefore, the operation that Makarov pistol does is referred to as a an aperation which is at the blow back state. When the slide is almost arriving at the backward position, the ejector, which is pronged on to the slide, is pushing in the backward side of the case which is empty . This and other holdings on the on the rightside of the case, can result in flinging ofthe case.The harmer used also causes the clocking of the slide. After the clocking of the slide, the slide starts to move forward, this results in stripping of the next cartridge that is from the magazine. Thus the cartridge is pushed into the chamber, hence self-loading the pistol. Lastly, the slide could then go into the battery, resulting in the snapping of the cartridge rim into the place. After those processes, the firing process of the pistol begins. A disconnecter ,which the pistol is having could be able to resist the subsequent shot from being fired again by a similar trigger.
Single action shot
This is an operation which means that hammer is cocked already, and the trigger is relocated by the bar which is triggered. This pushes the sear to be away from the harmer. Hence releasing the the harmer. This results in the subsequent firing system.
More information about the firing systems
The pin which is being fired is a floating pin that has no spring . This mecahnism is very simple is a very simple. The shear has also been in operation for for more than 50 years. . The pistol hammer is having a subsequent surface engaged that enables the shear to catch next to the bottom of the of its stroke. This causes the first harmer to get damaged. This prevents the battery from firing if the trigger is pulled. This causes the raising of the sear.
When the firing of the last shot has been finished, there is a follower tab which pushes up the slide of the release thus pushing the slide in the forward direction.

Ford Flex Rocks

Since the Ford Flex hit the market in 2009, it has been one of the automakers lowest selling cars to date; however, this years version sets out to turn that trend around. The 2013 model is newly designed to incorporate impressive changes that Ford hopes will bring it out of the slump and set sales souring. If you see it from the side or rear, the only change is the shifting of the logo but from the front, it’s another story. This year the vehicle looks classier than ever with a stunning new grille, more attractive headlight design, and the new model name adornment. It’s one of the best 8 passenger vehicles in 2013.

Upgrades to the interior are also quite significant. The unattractive four-spoke steering wheel, has been replaced by a substantially nicer three-spoke style. They also added entirely new gauges that set the speedometer directly in the center of the panel, making it much easier to read. The dashboard also saw some significant changes. The navigation panel is now much larger, the visibility is of higher quality, the raised buttons have been replaced by a soft, inset design, and the system employs the latest version of the MyFord touch navigation software. This has created a cleaner and smother look than ever before.Despite that fact that the interior still offers a luxurious and roomy seven-passenger layout, as well as auto, fold-flat, third-row seats that maximize cargo space to 83 cubic feet, there have been significant additions that fuel noise elimination. Adorned with sound-reduction materials in the dashboard, front shock towers, hood, and the lining of the rear wheel housings, the 2013 Ford Flex is now 15% quieter.
When tested, the passengers in the third row had absolutely no issue trying to speak to those in the first row without raising their voice; this is much more impressive than last years model.The 2013 version may look just as conservative as the ones before; however, this year, Ford has managed to add much needed horsepower to both of their engine offerings. Moving down the road at a much more impressive speed, the base model motor is a 3.5-liter V6 that offers 287 hp when at 6500 rpm and 254 pounds of torque when reaching 4000 rpm. The six-speed, auto transmission also allows the driver to switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive with great ease. In two wheel mode, the basic Flex engine achieves around 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway, but when engaged in 4 wheel function, those numbers reduce to 17 mpg city/23 mpg highway.
The second engine option is the most sought of the two. This 3.5-liter, EcoBoost V6 engine is capable of producing 365 hp at 5500 rpm and 350 pounds of torque between 1500 and 5250 rpm. This definitely helps this car move quickly, reaching 60 mph in 3 seconds rather than the previous 6. The extra power also has very little effect on fuel economy; however, because of its all-wheel drive function, the EcoBoost engine only achieves 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. http://carhero.orgOther new options and safety features include improved 4-wheel disc brakes, keyless entry with push button start, blind-spot warning system, a tilting-and-telescoping column, inflatable rear seat belts, collision warning cruise control, curve control, and torque vectoring. Pricing of the 2013 Flex starts at $30,885 for the front-wheel drive SE model; however, the better-equipped SEL model runs about $33,225 and the all-wheel drive SEL comes in at $35,175. All-in-all, this years new Flex is much more impressive than in years past and if you don’t mind the boxy, station-wagon look, it’s definitely a superior buy.